Students of all faculties are able to take part in the project „SUSTMAN – Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development and Production for students at PWSZ Konin. Participation is free of charge. As part of the project, students take part in a series of training sessions including “Eco-Entrepreneurship”, “Soft  Skills and communication” and “Sustainable Development, Sustainable Production Processes and Services”. Study visits and workshops in Poland and Norway  are also part of the project.   

The goals of the project are:

  • helping students function in the Polish and European labor market 
  • help in eliminating  language barriers
  • promoting the newest trends on the European market in the production and services sector
  • developing and enhancing soft skills
  • support start-up companies
  • enhance Polish – Norwegian cooperation
  • reduce social and economic differences in Europe
  • promote green issues related to the climate and natural environment

In order to join and take part in the project you must get acquainted with the rules and regulations.  All the required forms, formularzy, must be downloaded, completed and submitted in the project office, biurze projektu 
Recruitment is open until the end of May 2015