Extended Recruitment

Recruitment for „SUSTMAN – entrepreneurship, sustainability and manufacturing for students at PWSZ Konin” has been prolonged.

Registration for all those who are interested in participating in  the SUSTMAN project is open until the end of July. Students of all faculties and departments are welcome. Take advantage of  obtaining the knowledge and  skills required in the job market such as eco-development, eco-entrepreneurship, soft-skills, writing a business plan and running your own business.

Registration is open until the end of July 2015!

The Project Office is located at 1 Przyjaźni Street in room 209, 62-510 Konin.  Telephone:  63 249 72 58

Email: projekty.pwsz@konin.edu.pl

Additional information can be found at www.sustman.pwsz.konin.edu.pl


SUSTMAN Project – Entrepreneurship, balanced development and manufacturing for students at the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norway Grants and  co-financed by  Polish funds.